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This just begins to describe the great epidemic in Denmark and to some
extent Sweden. The Danes invented the modern positiv pressure ventilation
blood gas analysis and some real improvement in tracheostomy during a very
short timeframe. Bjorn Ibsen is a real hero and the production of several
hundred newly invented respirators during those months is also heroic.
There is much more on this subject, included a period before the
ventilators was built when the basically drafted anyone to sit and hand
ventilate patients with ambu bags.

No ce or FDA approval there. .

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> soon follow.  Another order for ventilators would have not helped a bit.
> How complex are these machines?
> Can the parts be 3d printed and assembled?  We have a lot of people doing
> not much but watching tv, surely there could be a crowdsource option if
> anyone could organize and execute a plan.
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