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The answer to how complex is , not very. You can build them with a
brushless modern electric motor pressure control and some level of control
over oxygen levels. An Arduino build basically.

Den tis 17 mars 2020 06:30Henrik Ohrstrom <henrik.ohrstrom at gmail.com> skrev:

> https://www.researchgate.net/publication/7206919_In_the_beginning_The_1952-1953_Danish_epidemic_of_poliomyelitis_and_Bjorn_Ibsen
> This just begins to describe the great epidemic in Denmark and to some
> extent Sweden. The Danes invented the modern positiv pressure ventilation
> blood gas analysis and some real improvement in tracheostomy during a very
> short timeframe. Bjorn Ibsen is a real hero and the production of several
> hundred newly invented respirators during those months is also heroic.
> There is much more on this subject, included a period before the
> ventilators was built when the basically drafted anyone to sit and hand
> ventilate patients with ambu bags.
> No ce or FDA approval there. .
> /Henrik
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>> soon follow.  Another order for ventilators would have not helped a bit.
>> How complex are these machines?
>> Can the parts be 3d printed and assembled?  We have a lot of people doing
>> not much but watching tv, surely there could be a crowdsource option if
>> anyone could organize and execute a plan.
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