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> > *On Behalf Of *John Clark via extropy-chat
> >…How about a emergency order by the federal government to ventilator
> manufacturers to buy a half a million ventilators to supplement the 62,000
> that already exist … John K Clark
> *> Every manufacturing facility for ventilators on the planet is already
> going at capacity*

Then get more manufacturing facilities. If during WWII Ford was flexible
enough to switch from making cars to making B-24 bombers in a matter of
months and GM change to making Sherman Tanks then air conditioner
manufacturers could switch over to making ventilators on a scale never seen
on this planet before.  Of course during WWII the US had a competent
administration that knew the difference between its ass and a hole and the
ground to coordinate the entire thing, so I guess it's out of the question

  John K Clark
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