[ExI] One small spark of good news

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I'd add that while I don't agree with John's assessment, I'd rather have a
problematic US government than a functioning Chinese Communist one that is
running slave labor camps and likely harvesting organs from unwilling
victims at a breathtaking pace.  I also agree that John is NOT presenting
critical facts in the Chinese response.   If they hadn't covered up
everything initially, the US might not even be in this situation right now.

They're also currently running a propaganda campaign to extoll their
brilliant response to a crisis that they allege the US infected them with.

The sooner the West breaks the entire Chinese supply chain as much as
possible, the sooner we're all better off.  Letting them into the WTO turns
out to be one of the worst decisions ever made.

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>> [...] China had a functioning federal government something the USA does
>> not have.
> What the fuck lol, praise is not due.  Especially since their culture of
> cover-ups, secrecy and silence is a huge part of why this virus spread in
> the first place.  You may be presenting facts but you are omitting facts
> too.  As you know, sometimes a partial model with omitted variable bias is
> worse than no model at all.  Such is the case with your statement, I think.
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