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>…The sooner the West breaks the entire Chinese supply chain as much as possible, the sooner we're all better off.  Letting them into the WTO turns out to be one of the worst decisions ever made…



I can think of another really bad decision, or rather a collection of decisions by city planners which aren’t looking good now.  We have had hundreds of building permits issued for 5-story condos to deal with the affordable housing problem.  It didn’t actually solve that problem but the philosophy is that the condos would be even more affordable if they had insufficient parking.  This would compel people to use Uber and Lyft and the BART and the other public transit would be emphasized.


Welllll that didn’t work.  People bought tiny junky cars for a song (typically less than 2 -3 wks rent on one of the “affordable” condos) so they could park more of them in less space and the local homeless wouldn’t bother breaking into them because anyone who would drive such a contraption couldn’t have anything valuable in the trunk.  Now my friends who live nearby have all these old junky cars parked all over their neighborhood, belonging to the people who live in the condos.


When the emphasis was on mass transit, the notion was to reduce traffic.  A virus succeeded in reducing traffic, but now a lot of people have grown dependent on mass transit which is suddenly too dangerous to use.



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