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> *John is NOT presenting critical facts in the Chinese response.   If they
> hadn't covered up everything initially, the US might not even be in this
> situation right now.*

China should have closed down the Wuhan wildlife meat market long ago and
in the early days of the epidemic the Chinese made trumpian level blunders,
but unlike our dear leader they quickly learned from their mistakes;
perhaps they took to heart what Richard Feynman said "*For a successful
technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature
cannot be fooled*". They did cover up things at the start but I don't think
that would have mattered as far as we're concerned, Trump bungled a 45 day
warning and I think he would have bungled a 450 day warning too.

*> I'd rather have a problematic US government than a functioning Chinese
> Communist one that is running slave labor camps and likely harvesting
> organs from unwilling victims at a breathtaking pace.*

Hey I hate the Chinese government as much as you do but facts are facts and
overall they handled the epidemic well, I mean... Xi Jinping is evil but at
least he has the courtesy to be competent. Trump is only half the man Xi
Jinping is.

 John K Clark
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