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I have plenty of reason for hope.  The online learning program at my son’s school is rolling out more smoothly than I had anticipated.  They gave out ChromeBooks to those who didn’t already have them, and most of the teachers have the assignments outlined and working. 


Also as I had anticipated, this online structure causes the academically rich to get richer and the poor to get nothing.  We heard from two of my son’s scout friends, neither of whom have lifted a finger after two full days of online instruction.  My son is tearing thru his math assignments like a hot chainsaw thru butter but doing little outside his favorite area.  Being out of class appears to be a license to do nothing or go as fast as one wishes.


The shelter-in-place is working, the work from home notion may be kinda working for some.  Our society has had the technology to do all this for some time.  Some are already doing it, but in general we have used the technology kinda half-assed in my view.  


Perhaps this pandemic will drag us kicking and screaming into the 21st century.








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