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> >... Trump is of the party you don’t like.
> Oh, Trump is /*FAR*/ worse than being of the party Democrats don't like.
> He's of the /social class/ they don't like.
> That's the unforgivable part.

### Well, that's an interesting question. They spewed vitriol at Bush and
made the milquetoast RINO Romney into an almost-Hitler but the amount of
insane hatred directed at Trump is on another level. Yet Trump is still of
the same social class as them - rich, smart, clearly belongs to the social
circle that includes the Clintons, Epsteins and other Democrat celebrities,
as shown on thousands of photos taken when he was just a TV performer. When
speaking among the elite he sounds just like them - ironic, sophisticated,
no trace of blue-collar in his voice.

I think their hatred has something to do with the allies he chose for his
election and the respect he has shown them - he appealed to non-elite
Americans, the commoners, and he addressed their concerns on their own
terms, using their own language. He did not use the shibboleths of the
people who aspire to join the tribe of power, the state, the rich and the
academia. Elite aspirants like to show contempt for commoners as a way of
separating themselves from the deplorable masses and the dog-faced pony
soldiers. He did not do it, and that puts him beyond the pale.
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