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Re: Delaying elections

Is there actually a reason he can’t delay the elections, due to public health concerns?


Many states are pushing back primaries.


November will be flu season Redux. Mail in ballots only?


I’m not saying we should delay them. But what are the options here, if people are locked down again?


SR Ballard








Sure they can.  Mail-in ballots only would be a great way to go.  States which delay their elections have no representation in the electoral college, which will go on, rain or shine.


States control their elections, design their own ballots and so forth.  No one is stopping them from delaying their elections.  But they still need to submit delegates to the EC, for the Supreme Court will not wait for them.  They will swear in whoever they believe won that EC vote on 20 January, regardless of what states did what and when.



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