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> *>>> **POTUS does not have any authority on the date of the November
>> election. *
> >> To paraphrase Mao Zedong, authority comes from the barrel of a gun.
>> And before you ask the answer is no, I am not a fan of Mao Zedong… John
>> K Clark
> *> And that my international friends is why the USA has a second
> amendment.  The system was set up so that US citizens can protect ourselves
> from our own government if necessary,*

I think that's a bogus argument for the second amendment, a bunch of silly
rednecks with their little hunting rifles would be comically outmatched by
what the Commander In Chief would have on his side, things like Abrams M1
battle tanks and helicopter gunships. And besides, most gun nuts are Trump
fanatics too so they'd be of no help in defending the constitution.

Even before this epidemic I thought our Republic was entering a very
dangerous time, but now with COVID-19 almost certain to further radicalize
political activity I just don't know if the constitution can survive. I
sure hope not but I'm afraid the nation could be unrecognizable a year from

John K Clark
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