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>>…I think that's a bogus argument for the second amendment, a bunch of silly rednecks with their little hunting rifles would be comically outmatched by what the Commander In Chief would have on his side…


>…The militia doesn’t fight the military.  The military takes an oath to defend the constitution, not obey the POTUS…spike



I might add that your bunch of silly rednecks with little hunting rifles are former military with rifles very similar to the ones the military trained them to field-strip, service and reassemble in the middle of the night in a rainstorm, as well as hit a human-sized target from 800 meters.  This is what makes the AR-15 the most popular rifle in America.  It isn’t a hunting rifle: in most states .22 caliber ammo is illegal for hunting, for it doesn’t insure a clean kill.


Would you like to rethink your attitude on militias please?  As you do, note that the 2nd amendment says nothing about hunting.




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