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> *>…The militia doesn’t fight the military.  The military takes an oath to
> defend the constitution, not obey the POTUS…spike*
> *I might add that your bunch of silly rednecks with little hunting rifles
> are former military with rifles very similar to the ones the military
> trained them to field-strip, service and reassemble in the middle of the
> night in a rainstorm, as well as hit a human-sized target from 800 meters.
> This is what makes the AR-15 the most popular rifle in America.  It isn’t a
> hunting rifle: in most states .22 caliber ammo is illegal for hunting, for
> it doesn’t insure a clean kill.*
> *Would you like to rethink your attitude on militias please? *

I'll try, but there is something I don't understand. If the professional
army remains loyal to the constitution and not the President, as you are
certain they will, then who do the people in these private redneck militias
imagine they'll be fighting? I think they just like to have fun playing
soldier on the weekend and would be useless in any presidential power grab,
or worse would actively join sides with the oppressor.

The Roman Republic lasted about 200 years and then they got an Emperor, we
may be going down the same road.

 John K Clark
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