[ExI] social distancing, was: RE: > Taiwan is standing strong

Keith Henson hkeithhenson at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 00:54:40 UTC 2020

spike wrote:

> If covid is with us indefinitely, we will face it again next flu season,

It won't be.  For some countries such as Iran, it will infect most of
the population with a high death toll.  China seems to have stopped
it.  It is hard to say what the US will be like, but I seriously doubt
it will last a year.

> Colleges will need to transition to distance learning.

I doubt it.  Somewhere around is an article Freeman Dyson wrote about
his daughter Esther Dyson's time at Harvard.  She recognized that who
you know is at least as important as what you know.  Few college
students understand that.  She did and if you read into her Wikipedia
page you can see what she did with that knowledge.


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