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If anyone knows:  when taking courses online, how do they determine if the
person taking the courses takes the tests?  How do you prevent cheating of
various kinds?  I have no idea.

bill w

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> >>... Colleges will need to transition to distance learning.
> >...I doubt it.  Somewhere around is an article Freeman Dyson wrote about
> his daughter Esther Dyson's time at Harvard.  She recognized that who you
> know is at least as important as what you know.  Few college students
> understand that.  She did and if you read into her Wikipedia page you can
> see what she did with that knowledge.
> Keith
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> I could see a situation where those who have plenty of money and are not
> dependent on loans would still go to traditional colleges, whereas those
> without the means up front would transition to dramatically lower-cost
> options.
> Both could end up with similar degrees and similar scores on the GRE.  But
> one would have connections.
> spike
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