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>…We could have cameras in there so that doctors could watch the patients, and a screen where they can talk to them, cheer them on… medics in haz-mat suits who do stay at the hospital and work a drive-thru window where they make the rounds of the patients by staying in place and having the patients make the rounds in a loop.  They wouldn’t need to go fast…spike



I can expand on this idea.  Stanford campus is closed down, so all that parking is available.  Google has developed a car which not only drives itself, it has no steering wheel.  This is perfect, a pre-adaptation for these rolling hospital rooms I have in mind.  Prole calls doctor, describes what sounds like 19 (what an unfortunate number is 19 to become a nickname for Covid-19) hazmat suited locals go over, arrive as the self-driving ambulance gets there, loads prole and attaches blood oxygen monitors, the bip bip bip thing, the drippy bags and such stuff as one gets in the ER, he gently rolls on over to the hospital at a leisurely pace (the current generation of self-drivers cannot go very fast (nor would they need to.))


The medics watch his blood oxygen level, pulse and so on without every removing him from the self-driving ambulance.  Fluids: they give him this or that thru the IV with a number of medications available which can be administered by remote switch like those things they have in a bar with a trigger for cola, a trigger for 7-up and so forth.  The doctor could stay safely back at the hospital, or at home for that matter, take care of a bunch of patients very efficiently without risk to the other patients.


The parking lot at Stanford could be a good place to park the patients, in kind of a modern version of that hospital scene after the battle in Gone With the Wind, but where most of the patients live.


That whole system could be made way cheaper than hospital rooms, and we could slam them together in short order methinks, way faster than building new hospitals.  After the patient recovers or doesn’t, he is removed by haz-mat suited medics or (we hope) exits under his own power, the thing rolls into a Lysol version of a steam room, disinfected, off ya go to collect the next customer.


We can do this.





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