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>…There ya go, rich people are our friends.


>>… Musk is rich but I don't know how many ventilators he can make before he goes broke…


>…Can’t he sell them?   spike



Ventilators would be worth a cool fortune.  The profits from that line of business could keep the Tesla factory open.  


Hey cool, Musk could integrate a ventilator into the Tesla.  The power source is already right there.  Then you can keep the patient alive while you drive him to the hospital.  Rig up an airtight barrier going lengthwise in the car.  Then go to the hospital parking lot where patients are gasping and wheezing, take the richest ones for a life-saving ride.  While out, get them to agree to fund an Uber-air car, assuming they survive, so others may live too.


Oh better idea: the Tesla cars already kinda drive themselves, so you wouldn’t really need a separate air-handling system or a driver in a haz-mat suit.  We could load the wheezing prole into the passenger side, let the car go off on its own to remote locations to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.  Self-driving ambulances, based on Tesla cars, which already have a lot of the computers and stuff they need, in a kind of mechanical version of evolutionary pre-adaptation.


We could have cameras in there so that doctors could watch the patients, and a screen where they can talk to them, cheer them on, perhaps play the videos historic football games, that sorta thing.  We could have medics in haz-mat suits who do stay at the hospital and work a drive-thru window where they make the rounds of the patients by staying in place and having the patients make the rounds in a loop.  They wouldn’t need to go fast, and they would be relatively safe: the other proles would see a patient in the passenger side and no one driving, they would switch lanes and give it plenty of space.


If Rafal or anyone knows approximately what is required to set up a ventilator and those other machines we see on ER that go bip bip bip and the drippy bags and all that, along with whatever else is required, we might be able to estimate what it would cost to set up something like that, and how much money we could make off of it.





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