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>…Even without financial assistance from the Federal Government, or organizational help, or even moral support, Elon Musk offered to start making ventilators…


There ya go, rich people are our friends.


>… Musk is rich but I don't know how many ventilators he can make before he goes broke…


Can’t he sell them?


>… If the government had issued a contract to Musk in January his factories would be churning out ventilators right now…


The government is already broke.  Musk is not.  Rich people are our friends.


>… but in January Trump …John K Clark


John everything you write has become merely a preamble to your endless tedious campaigning.  It is time to stop campaigning.  It causes us to discount the rest of your commentary.


Good point however on rich people carrying the ball when it comes to figuring out ways to manufacture the stuff we need in an emergency.  They can move faster than government and have more resources ready to focus on the problem.  This gives us reason to protect and nurture rich people instead of disparaging them at every opportunity.  They may save our lives.



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