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>…Judge not that ye be not judged!


BillW, that’s exactly what I kept telling them!  After our discussion on the Arrogance Olympics, we went to set up the competition.  Unlike the objective games such as running or pole vault, arrogance requires judges who hold up those cards with 6s and 7s and such.  But of course judges are those who are themselves experts in the sport, former competitors themselves, so they are well-qualified to know how difficult are the stunts and how well executed.  So… the judges themselves must be competitive arrogantists.


This presented an obvious problem, for when we attempted to convene a panel of judges, others would make comments such as “That guy sucks, I am WAAAY arroganter than he is” and such as that, which ordinarily would be dismissed, but stating it lends credibility to the claim, so the panel of judges continued to grow until someone made the obvious suggestion: we have an arrogance contest to see who gets to judge the arrogance contest.  That too needed a panel of judges.  And so on.


Every time we did manage to assemble a panel of judges, I looked at them and opined that I was arroganter than all of them combined, and we still didn’t have John among us, so none of us had a legitimate claim.


The next suggestion suggested itself: can an arrogance judge also be one of the competitors?  Sure why not, they will of course give themselves a 10 and all the others 1s, so the outcome is somewhat predictable: an all-way tie for the silver.  


Eventually of course someone will comment “Judge not, lest ye be judged!” at which time we know that guy is a humble piker in the sport of arrogance and that guy is crushed, out of the competition, as the others ridicule him by doing the whole Krazy Guggenheim “ye ye ye” business.  He goes over and tries his luck at the Humility Olympics.


>…The cod book was very interesting…


Give it up pal, we ain’t readin it.  Life sentence, we still ain’t reading about cod.


>…though not as much as the one on dust… bill w


At the expense of my silver medal, I will humbly yield on that point.  Dust is interesting.


You may have seen a sunbeam streaming thru the window and noticed all the junk floating around in the air, piquing curiosity if one is me.  One asks oneself: what the hell is that junk exactly?  I have some theories based on my best effort with my microscope: most of it appears to be cotton lint from the clothing aaaaaand… toilet paper debris!


I did some experiments and found the soft TP makes waaaay more dust than the strong.  So I switched over, being a tough old asshole, in order to reduce “dust” which apparently isn’t even dust at all.


More later, someone walked past on the sidewalk, gotta wash.





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