[ExI] Muslim and Supermuslim: Toward Islamic transhumanism?

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> If you know of any groups of atheists that behave like terrorists *because
> of their atheism*, I'd like to read about it.
> I'm sure there are groups of people who behave like terrorists and also
> happen to be atheists.

### Russian and Chinese communists terrorized Christians, Buddhists,
Muslims, destroyed churches, shrines, mosques and slaughtered priests
because they believed the future must be atheist. One could argue that
communists were evil and did evil things because of being evil but that's
missing the point. Communists are evil totalitarian atheists and they do
their specific evil things, rather any of an infinity of alternative evil
things, because of being evil, because of being totalitarian *and* because
of being atheist. They did evil because they are evil but they specifically
victimized religious people because they were atheist.

I have no problem admitting that atheism can be an inspiration to do evil
things. People do all kinds of things, good and bad, for all kinds of
reasons, both true and imaginary. Atheism is correct where religions are
not but that does not mean that atheism can only lead to good behavior. I
think it is quite plausible that religions that promise punishment in the
afterlife for misdeeds while alive in fact do deter some believers from
wrong behavior, which is another way of saying that lack of religion is a
cause of some transgressions.

Of course, since I know with a high degree of certainty that the average
religion is incorrect, I am incapable of acquiring religious faith, even if
I thought religion was a net good but that's a different story.

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