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>    Then you are refusing to see it. The difference is blindingly obvlous.
> Religions have rules of behaviour, whole tomes explaining what kind of
> behaviour, dress, food, sexual practices, rituals, etc., are required or
> allowed (and which ones are 'sinful' and to be discouraged, in oneself and
> in others), and often horrifically graphic descriptions of what punishments
> await those who break the rules.
> Atheism has none of that. Religions give people *reasons* for being
> horrible to others.

### Turn the other cheek? Love thy neighbor as you love yourself? Thou
shalt not kill?


> Atheism doesn't.
> Nobody is violent, coercive, etc., *because* they are atheists, because
> there is a complete absence of those rules of behaviour, no prescriptions,
> no concept of 'sin' etc.

### Well, yes, if you don't believe you will be punished in an afterlife
for murdering your neighbor, you may be more inclined to do so, don't you


> How can you possibly regard them as symmetric cases? They're as asymmetric
> as you can get!

### Oh, sure atheism and religion are not symmetric, since atheism is true
and religion is not. And religion commits many sins, like the jihad and the

But still, atheism not leavened by humanism commits a sin of omission, it
lacks crucial ingredients needed for a society to work well.

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