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In California we are on shelter-in-place stay-at-home orders from our governor.  Although it does not mean we are legally required to stay inside our houses, plenty of the local proletariat firmly believes that is exactly what it means: “in-place” means indoors.


Most scary movies from a long time ago didn’t age well, but some did.  I was told that if one suffers from constipation, just view Jack Nicholson’s The Shining, for it would scare it right on outta yas.


I never viewed it, but I understand Jack and his small family were snowed in and things went badly.


So now… I live in area best described as life in the fast lane.  It is not well suited for everything coming to a sudden halt.  It doesn’t stop gracefully here.


Plenty of us relate or know of this: working in a big company, colleague works long hours, no particular reason really, reaches 65 (or later) and cannot find reassignments within the company.  This happens a lot; it is a perfectly legal form of age-discrimination.  So the guy retires.  A year later you learn he divorced his wife of 40 years.


This is a well-known pattern.  I don’t ask why, but I would speculate that the marriage worked when the guy was at the office all day and his wife had her own life, but when he is suddenly at home always, the adjustment was too difficult.  So they called it a day.


There is an added dimension, for now the kids are home too.  I am reminded of a line in It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again…


However, school will not start again, until next fall.


Perhaps someone who knows can comment on the jarring change suddenly thrust upon us.




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