[ExI] shining example and COVID-19

Keith Henson hkeithhenson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 05:49:22 UTC 2020

On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 9:13 PM spike wrote:


> The suggestion was made that we do that for a day.  It extended to about a week.  We have had enough.  You said your piece.

What's amusing is that I made a post that was *much* more politically
incorrect and it generated no followup comments at all.  I have been
on and off this list since it started.  Perhaps the current members do
not grok what I write about.

> I propose resetting your moderate flag to off, and return to our regularly-scheduled programming, with the understanding that John, we get it: you don?t care for the current POTUS, whose name escapes me.  You don?t need to keep on and on and on with the evangelism or the campaigning.

I happen to know why the current POTUS was elected in the first place.
Stone age psychological selection and a bleak future, of course.

BTW, the problems John refers to may be short term.  It takes serious
behavior modification (social distancing) to avoid the virus.  The
current POTUS is setting a bad example.  I find it plausible that the
COVID-19 pandemic could decapitate the US gov.

Speaking of COVID-19, this idea needs study, but I suspect that even
low heat in a drier would kill all the viruses on a mask.  I am not
sure where to suggest such a test.  If anyone knows a place, please
pass the idea along.

Since it does not cost much, I filed for a patent on the "Face Stick."

"An infection route for COVID-19, flu and related viruses is hands
picking up virus particles from surfaces and then people touching
their faces.  The size of this infection route is poorly qualified,
but may be substantial.  The invention is the use of a stick to avoid
touching a person’s face."

If you want to carry a tongue depressors for this use I will not sue
you for violating the patent :-)

If one of you (or anyone else) wants to make and distribute them by
the millions, talk to me about it.  I will be reasonable.


> spike

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