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>> The HBO miniseries Chernobyl is what they are viewing this week as we sit indoors 


>…I guess there is no better time than right now to watch good TV and read good books. I liked the HBO miniseries until it said if the uranium core melted through the concrete floor and reached the groundwater it would cause a 4 megaton explosion. In a worse case scenario the explosion would be equal to about 4 tons of TNT not 4 MILLION tons … John K Clark



We aughta be able to do sound dubbing and change it to 4 megagram explosion.


>From what my friends said, there were other inaccuracies, both technical and cultural.  Overall they did a pretty good job of depicting Ukrainian life in the 80s, but one thing this couple are very sensitive about is that the scientists did not live in similar conditions to the workers who sacrificed their lives to contain the radiation.  The firemen, students and worker bees lived in what we could call squalor, whereas the scientists lived a lot like lowish-middle class Americans, in apartments, with a few amenities.  The party biggies lived well.  


The miniseries didn’t really do much with that difference, which was important because of the political unrest in Ukraine which resulted in the USSR spinning apart.  The classless society definitely had social classes.  My Ukrainian friends see any (even unintentional) effort to downplay social classes as defending communism, which they despise to the core of their consciousness.



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