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Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sun Mar 22 15:52:51 UTC 2020

Well from your barber's POV from the front, those people who part on  
their left side, are parting on his right side. And since most people  
comb their hair while looking in a mirror, those that part it on their  
left side do so based upon how it would look to others if they parted  
it on their right side. Not to mention all those mirrors in the barber  
shop. So maybe give your barber a break. :-P

Stuart LaForge

Quoting Bill Wallace:

>  Beyond stunned. I was getting a haircut and asked the barber how  
> most people parted their hair on the left versus the right.  I  
> thought it was on the left, as I have noticed that, or so I thought,  
> being a man who parted his on the right (which might have something  
> to do with my dad being left-handed and me being nearly equal on  
> both sides).
> Anyhow, he looked puzzled and finally said on the right.  I looked  
> it up when I got home and sure enough, 90% of right handers part on  
> the left, and so do 45% of lefthanders.
> My question is:  how can someone look at heads all day long for  
> about 40 years and not notice where most people part their hair?   
> When asked, get it wrong.
> So it made me wonder, since the barber was of average intelligence,  
> what I had been missing despite looking at it all my life.  I have  
> come up with a few over the years:  in the Revolutionary War there  
> was a group called the Green Mountain Boys.  I wondered where that  
> came from until I finally got it when I looked at the word Vermont  
> for the thousandth time, and saw it.  Then my mind went to :   
> Giuseppe Verdi - Joe Green.
> We look and we look again and for many years we just don't see.  I  
> wonder how many abstractions are that way.  We know the definition  
> but simply do not understand the concept the way we think we do.   
> When we do, it's a little epiphany.

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