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And my barber is left-handed, if that has anything to do with it. Also - I
watch him cut and for years did not notice that he cuts left-handed. In the
mirror of course he is cutting right-handed which would look normal to me,
so I would not think a thing about it, and if asked, would say that he is
right-handed.   bill w

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> Well from your barber's POV from the front, those people who part on
> their left side, are parting on his right side. And since most people
> comb their hair while looking in a mirror, those that part it on their
> left side do so based upon how it would look to others if they parted
> it on their right side. Not to mention all those mirrors in the barber
> shop. So maybe give your barber a break. :-P
> Stuart LaForge
> Quoting Bill Wallace:
> >  Beyond stunned. I was getting a haircut and asked the barber how
> > most people parted their hair on the left versus the right.  I
> > thought it was on the left, as I have noticed that, or so I thought,
> > being a man who parted his on the right (which might have something
> > to do with my dad being left-handed and me being nearly equal on
> > both sides).
> > Anyhow, he looked puzzled and finally said on the right.  I looked
> > it up when I got home and sure enough, 90% of right handers part on
> > the left, and so do 45% of lefthanders.
> > My question is:  how can someone look at heads all day long for
> > about 40 years and not notice where most people part their hair?
> > When asked, get it wrong.
> > So it made me wonder, since the barber was of average intelligence,
> > what I had been missing despite looking at it all my life.  I have
> > come up with a few over the years:  in the Revolutionary War there
> > was a group called the Green Mountain Boys.  I wondered where that
> > came from until I finally got it when I looked at the word Vermont
> > for the thousandth time, and saw it.  Then my mind went to :
> > Giuseppe Verdi - Joe Green.
> > We look and we look again and for many years we just don't see.  I
> > wonder how many abstractions are that way.  We know the definition
> > but simply do not understand the concept the way we think we do.
> > When we do, it's a little epiphany.
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