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How are we getting around the 1st amendment and the freedom to peacefully assemble?


Just ignoring it?  


bill w




What you mean “we” Kimosabe?


The California governor thinks he is free to make law that contradicts the Fed.  Many people think our shelter-in-place order means they cannot go outside their homes.  It doesn’t really mean that, but they don’t quite understand it.  I go outside for walks, the local constables see me, they cheerfully return my wave.


As for assembling, we are still doing that when necessary, by Skype, FaceTime and other video conferencing, which works better than I woulda thought.  We are even peacefully assembling right here, if one has an open-minded definition of the term “peaceful.”  In any case, we are assembling right here.


I have heard they went around handing out 50 dollar misdemeanor tickets for those businesses which refused to close.  One of these was a gun shop.  Gun shop owners know the law better than anyone, so they already know the governor of California won’t bother trying to collect his 50 bucks: the order specifically exempts necessary business.  The second amendment clearly states that a militia is necessary to the security of a free state.  Her shop supports the militia.  So… it is a necessary business, exempt.



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