[ExI] Telework is taking off, hopefully for good

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Telework is taking off, hopefully for good

Perhaps, when the pandemic is over, most workers and companies, students and
teachers, will be used to telework and choose to continue. I hope so...



Giulio, thanks for the site.

You touched on something very important about Teleplace meetings regarding
employee motivation, down in the middle of the page.

I am forming a parent group to advise the school superintendent on the
effectiveness of their remote learning.  After talking and listening, I am
finding that motivation is a critical factor in how the students do.  Some
are going at it like a hot chainsaw thru butter (I have a good example in my
home) while others do little or nothing.  They now realize they can't really
be tested, so the work is not really subject to any credible metric, so
their grades are mostly meaningless, so they don't do the work.  Or just do
enough to kinda get by, after a fashion.  Adam Smith's invisible hand of
capitalism applies to studies as well as paid labor.  

In remote learning, the academically rich get richer, the poor get nothing.


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