[ExI] Telework is taking off, hopefully for good

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Why can't they be tested?  bill w

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> Telework is taking off, hopefully for good
> Perhaps, when the pandemic is over, most workers and companies, students
> and
> teachers, will be used to telework and choose to continue. I hope so...
> https://giulioprisco.com/telework-is-taking-off-hopefully-for-good-3b7d54f9e
> 36e
> <https://giulioprisco.com/telework-is-taking-off-hopefully-for-good-3b7d54f9e36e>
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> Giulio, thanks for the site.
> You touched on something very important about Teleplace meetings regarding
> employee motivation, down in the middle of the page.
> I am forming a parent group to advise the school superintendent on the
> effectiveness of their remote learning.  After talking and listening, I am
> finding that motivation is a critical factor in how the students do.  Some
> are going at it like a hot chainsaw thru butter (I have a good example in
> my
> home) while others do little or nothing.  They now realize they can't
> really
> be tested, so the work is not really subject to any credible metric, so
> their grades are mostly meaningless, so they don't do the work.  Or just do
> enough to kinda get by, after a fashion.  Adam Smith's invisible hand of
> capitalism applies to studies as well as paid labor.
> In remote learning, the academically rich get richer, the poor get nothing.
> spike
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