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> Buy the gun now if you think it is the right decision (not suggesting you
> panic however).   I say this because I've seen first hand them just remove
> the ability to do so in CT until further notice.

My hunch is that most of the gun store lockdowns that are going to happen,
have already happened.  I know that gun-only stores in CA are being locked,
while Walmart is allowed to stay open specifically because it sells
groceries too...though I don't know if they've been asked to lock their gun
department.  (I haven't had reason to go inside since the lockdown.)

That said, most people who believe there is extra need for self-defense
during this crisis are probably flat wrong.  I've heard people positing
there are going to be riots and home invasions when (not if) the grocery
stores run out of stuff...but the stores continue to be in supply, and
there's no sign of increased riots (aside from hoarders fighting over
toilet paper, and even those fights only happen inside the stores) or home

> 1) Ammo if you can find it, will be A LOT more expensive than it was a
> week or two ago.   9mm ammo went from $180/1000 to $300/1000 at the local
> shop over the course of a week before it all sold out.  The guy told me
> they are making ammo 24 hours a day now with 3 full shifts at the
> manufacturers (normally a 1-2 shift day) and still can't meet demand.

As someone who doesn't own a gun and probably won't for a long time if
ever, how much harder is it to buy ammo online and have it delivered than,
say, food or gadgets?

> 2)  I don't know your familiarity with guns, but PLEASE learn how to
> operate one safely before buying one.   You rarely get a do-over with a
> gun.  I won't harp on this too much since I don't know your background, but
> if you've never fired one, PLEASE be careful.

Echoing this, and this has been cited as part of the reason for locking
down sales to new gun owners: with the ranges closed, they can't get safety

Even I've had basic range training (or the equivalent: out in the wilds
with my dad), and again, I don't own a gun and probably won't for a good
long time.

> Personally, I think the US is at the far right of the curve by June 1st in
> terms of this virus still being an issue.   I'm more worried about the
> massive amount of economic damage being done right now by virus
> countermeasures, but that's probably a topic for another thread.

Damage done by countermeasures is the topic of this thread.  More for
damage to liberties than economic damage directly, but the two are linked.
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