[ExI] shining example and COVID-19 (John Clark)

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> When I joined this group one of my main reasons was to get some input
> relating to psychology.  In particular:  just what changes in humans did we
> want?  Increase IQ, bolster immune system, etc.  Change our personalities?
> I got nowhere.  I don't recall one person who replied to that post.  I was
> flabbergasted and dumbfounded. Still am.  Always open to discuss that topic
> at any length.
> For instance:  should we be shorter?  Thinner?  More introverted?

Different strokes for different folks. The goal isn't to make everyone
"better" in the same way, it's to give people the ability to change what
they want to change about themselves.

What would I change about myself? I could be the next John Clark, making
sure everyone knows the answer to that, but that would quickly become


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