[ExI] shining example and COVID-19 (John Clark)

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 > If you get uploaded you are just a long string of code, right?  So you
> can be anything you want to be - just change the code.  Now everyone is
> the same - the best code can do.  What is the point of that?  You are
> just a computer that is no better and no worse than any other computer.  There
> is nothing distinctive about you that cannot be duplicated by some one
> else.   bill w

True, however that's not much different to the situation right now, there
is nothing distinctive about a hydrogen atom in your body, it's the same as
a hydrogen atom in my body. The only difference between you and me is how
those atoms are arranged. Currently there is only one chunk of matter in
the observable universe that behaves in a  Williamflynnwallaceien way, but
that is not due to any fundamental law of physics but is just caused by
today's technological limitations so it need not always be true.

 John K Clark
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