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Of course, the ultimate flexibility would be achievable by uploading.  Dave

What about what a person is without augmentations?  If you get uploaded you
are just a long string of code, right?  So you can be anything you want to
be - just change the code.  Now everyone is the same - the best code can
do.  What is the point of that?  You are just a computer that is no better
and no worse than any other computer.  There is nothing distinctive about
you that cannot be duplicated by some one else.   bill w

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>> We are talking at cross purposes.  I am talking about genetic
>> manipulation of ova and sperm.
> Perhaps, but you didn't say that. :-)
>> I do think I would make everyone better in the same way:  far better
>> immune systems, for instance.
> Nanobots.
>>   And the changes will be in the fertilized egg, not a borned person.
>> But I suppose that genetic changes to adults could happen through
>> epigenetics.
> Genetic and epigenetic changes aren't the only way to change. Augmentation
> could be huge. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are already common and
> clothing is pretty much mandatory. Google Glass was a hint of what could be
> done a simple wearable: full-time video stream to the cloud, augmented
> reality in the form of overlaid navigation directions, facial
> recognition/identification, translation, etc. Add voice input or subvocal
> input and you could set alarms, create reminders, place orders, do
> searches, etc. These could easily increase IQ. Some added AI could
> facilitate behavior/personality modification. Now think 50 years down the
> road... What could wearables and implants do? If nano ever progresses
> sufficiently, implementing biological changes in borned people might be
> doable. Of course, the ultimate flexibility would be achievable by
> uploading.
> -Dave
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