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> We are talking at cross purposes.  I am talking about genetic manipulation
> of ova and sperm.

Perhaps, but you didn't say that. :-)

> I do think I would make everyone better in the same way:  far better
> immune systems, for instance.


>   And the changes will be in the fertilized egg, not a borned person.  But
> I suppose that genetic changes to adults could happen through epigenetics.

Genetic and epigenetic changes aren't the only way to change. Augmentation
could be huge. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are already common and
clothing is pretty much mandatory. Google Glass was a hint of what could be
done a simple wearable: full-time video stream to the cloud, augmented
reality in the form of overlaid navigation directions, facial
recognition/identification, translation, etc. Add voice input or subvocal
input and you could set alarms, create reminders, place orders, do
searches, etc. These could easily increase IQ. Some added AI could
facilitate behavior/personality modification. Now think 50 years down the
road... What could wearables and implants do? If nano ever progresses
sufficiently, implementing biological changes in borned people might be
doable. Of course, the ultimate flexibility would be achievable by

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