[ExI] Evolution - 'Nature versus Nurture', but random noise as well

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On 24/03/2020 21:32, billw wrote:
>>... Someone asks me if nature or nurture mostly affects height and I say

>...We might label a particular sequence 'the gene for height', but what
does that mean when we discover* ...
Ben Zaiboc


I am struck by a photo of ten children I now wish I had a copy.  A colleague
at Lockheed Martin was the oldest of 10 children.  When his family escaped
Vietnam in 1979 he was age 16, with the youngest being a less than a year.
All got out alive, managed to resettle in California.  He was a really short
guy, about 5 ft even.

When they lined up the children from youngest to oldest 20 yrs later, they
go up like a stairstep: the oldest is shortest, and each one is average
about an inch taller than the next oldest and about an inch shorter than the
next youngest.  That one is pretty easy to understand: the South Vietnamese
were living on rice and very little of that after the war, but in the USA,
they had a very high-fat diet.


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