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How Not to Die: Surprising Lessons on Living Longer, Safer, and Healthier
from America's Favorite Medical Examiner

"Thousands of people make an early exit each year and arrive on medical
examiner Jan Garavaglia’s table. What is particularly sad about this is
that many of these deaths could easily have been prevented. Although Dr.
Garavaglia, or Dr. G, as she’s known to many, could not tell these
individuals how to avoid their fates, we can benefit from her experience
and profound insight into the choices we make each day."

"In *How Not to Die*, Dr. G acts as a medical detective to identify the
often-unintentional ways we harm our bodies, then shows us how to use that
information to live better and smarter. She provides startling tips on how
to make wise choices so that we don’t have to see her, or someone like her,
for a good, long time."

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