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> I don't think human genetic engineering will have an impact on our future.
> AI singularity will happen long before that, some uploading will happen
> after that, and genetic engineering of biological humans will be a niche
> activity, if any.
> Rafał
> Unless everyone is uploaded and no babies are born, then genetic
> engineering will perforce stop.  Otherwise we will have babies and try to
> improve their genetics.  Why not?
> ### There may be biological humans sticking around long after all the real
action moves online. The planets might be dispersed to provide substrate
with good cooling capacity for trillions of non-biological minds, they sky
might be blotted out by swarms of computing satellites, the Earth itself
might be hollowed out and filled with long-term memory storage but maybe
there will be some Amish around. Well, maybe they will tinker with genes
and whatnot but as I said above, the real action will be elsewhere.

After all, who cares what Coelacanths think?

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