[ExI] Non-locality of conscious observers implies panpsychism without omniscience

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sun Mar 29 11:05:45 UTC 2020

Consciousness (but not knowledge) might be non-local phenomenon. So  
here is an interesting thought experiment:

Imagine a conscious observer. Now notice that while a conscious  
observer must have some none-zero rest mass, it is at all times at  
rest with respect to itself by definition of its own frame of  
reference. Consequently, its velocity and therefore momentum relative  
to itself is zero. This means that the uncertainty in the conscious  
observer's momentum is also zero. Since by the quantum mechanics of  
wave functions and Heisenberg uncertainty, zero uncertainty in your  
momentum is equivalent to infinite uncertainty in your position, the  
conscious observer exists throughout all of space. In other words, you  
have no clue which universe you are in BECAUSE you are in an infinite  
number of universes BECAUSE you are a conscious observer. And as a  
corollary no conscious observer is allowed by physics to be omniscient.

Think about it as your soul passing through a slit of zero width and  
diffracting everywhere. This idea sounds very Deepak Chopra to even to  
me so be brutal. Tell me why it is wrong.

Stuart LaForge

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