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I have not watched The EXpanse, but I have read all of the books and
enjoyed them quite a bit.

bill w

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> On 15/03/2020 16:14, Guilio Prisco wrote:
> > The Expanse? Not explicitly transhumanist, but a very good SF show
> > compared to the others.
> Well, I'm giving this a go, but it's not exactly encouraging so far.
> About 6 episodes in, and it strikes me as trying too hard to be Blade
> Runner meets Total Recall, but without any androids or triple-breasted
> whores. I keep expecting the Miller character to start making little
> origami cranes and leaving them lying around.
> Not transhumanist at all, in any meaningful sense. Detective story,
> political intrigue, morally ambiguous rebels, etc. In space. I doubt
> it'll hold my interest much longer.
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> Ben Zaiboc
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