[ExI] Fermi Paradox and Volvo star systems

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 18:28:04 UTC 2020

> .  Once they are uploaded and happy to the point that they have let all
> their social connections lapse -

Why would they do that? The chief pleasure of many extroverts in talking
with people and sharing ideas and so on.

> once there is no one left who cares about them, and once they cease to
> care about anyone else, in other words once they have gone fully
> sociopathic (using their generated environment,

Again, why would friendships disappear?  If they weren't sociopaths before
uploading, why would they be afterwards?

> including generated AIs, to sub in for any need for socialization) in
> pursuit of happiness - they are likely to be switched off when some crisis
> or another comes along, perhaps simply the hardware they're running on
> needing maintenance and nobody outside the hardware caring about anyone
> running on it.
I am sure you mean 'socializing'.  And again, why shouldn't nonuploads and
uploads be friends?
I don't get where you are coming from. Surely you are not saying that these
changes are going to occur to everyone, eh?  bill w

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