[ExI] Fermi Paradox and Volvo star systems

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> Once they are uploaded and happy to the point that they have let all their
>> social connections lapse -
> Why would they do that? The chief pleasure of many extroverts in talking
> with people and sharing ideas and so on.

"People".  Notice that several are happy talking to manufactured
personalities - yes-men currently, but sub-sentient super-chatbots can form
echo chambers around a single person.

Yes, there are those who aren't happy with perfect agreement, and who
really want their ideas refined.  Those are the ones more likely to still
connect to actual people.

once there is no one left who cares about them, and once they cease to care
>> about anyone else, in other words once they have gone fully sociopathic
>> (using their generated environment,
> Again, why would friendships disappear?  If they weren't sociopaths before
> uploading, why would they be afterwards?

Are they interested in actually connecting to people, or just to
feeling important & valued?  Can they connect to AIs customized to their
preferences better than to other people?  In many cases, this seems to be
so - when such AIs are offered, which is rare (AIs aren't good enough for
most cases yet).

> I don't get where you are coming from. Surely you are not saying that
> these changes are going to occur to everyone, eh?

Not everyone, just many.

I am speculating that these will occur to a significant number of people,
perhaps the majority - but more importantly, that the people susceptible to
this kind of thing are unlikely to still be around (at least as a
substantial percentage of all people) in ten thousand years.  In other
words, that the type of values that put self-esteem and self-importance
above true value to other actual human beings are likely to die out once it
becomes trivial for people with said values to retire and disconnect from
society (where currently they must work to feed themselves for most of
their lives, and even in retirement they can not get their desired
fulfillment except from other people).
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