[ExI] Fermi Paradox and Volvo star systems

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>  Once they are uploaded and happy to the point that they have let all
>> their social connections lapse -
> >> Why would they do that? The chief pleasure of many extroverts in
> talking with people and sharing ideas and so on.

But if somebody had total control of their emotional control panel then
they could change that so their chief pleasure would come from whatever
they wanted it to come from. A cheap rubber ball is easier to come across
than other people that are friendly, intelligent and eloquent, so to
maximize their pleasure they could just change the settings on a few
switches on their control panel and make it so they find equal joy and
NEVER get bored of watching the ball bounce up and down and up and down and
up and down and up and down and....

They may want to have the same feeling of awe and pride of accomplishment
that Einstein must have felt on the day he finished the General Theory Of
Relativity, but what if they aren't as smart as he was? No problem, they
could just find a solution to some problem that was much much much simpler
than the one Einstein tackled and feel just as good and full of pride as he

Do you think everything I've said is diabolical as well as stupid? No
problem, just change your mind, and I do mean CHANGE YOUR MIND. Now you
think the idea is angelic and brilliant. Such is the power of positive
feedback that ET may not have gone out with a bang or a whimper but with a
moan of pleasure.

John K Clark
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