[ExI] COVID-19 has now killed more Americans than Chinese

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If you follow any news around deaths in China, that number is WOEFULLY
under counted.

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> Just a few minutes ago yet another COVID-19 milestone was reached, it has
> now caused more deaths in the USA than it has in China where it all
> started; 3305 died in China but as of right now 3408 have died in the USA
> and by this time tomorrow it will be many hundreds higher. So I think I can
> say it is an objective fact that even though the USA had about a 45 day
> warning that China did not China handled this emergency much more
> skillfully than America has. And despite what some have written my saying
> that doesn't prove I'm advocating communism, it just shows I think reality
> must take precedence over public relations because nature can not be fooled.
> John K Clark
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