[ExI] COVID-19 has now killed more Americans than Chinese

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>>>… I wonder where all those missing cell phone users are...


>>…Well...it certainly can't be because lots of people in China have lost their jobs due to the epidemic and would prefer to use what little money they still have to buy food rather than pay their cell phone bill; so the only conceivable explanation is that 15 million people in China were killed by the virus.


 John K Clark



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>…Do you honestly believe the Chinese numbers on infections and deaths?  If the answer is yes, I'm not sure we have anything more to talk about here, but I'm surprised if you're willing to take that on faith, you also haven't converted to Christianity and taken Pascal's wager… Dylan



Astute question Dylan.  


Note that if the incessant political whining were to ever actually cease, John could face defeat and even disqualification from the regional Incessant Political Complaining competition, for failing to meet the “Incessant” requirement, explicitly spelled out in the rules.  Since his triumphs at the regionals in this sport, he was on his way up to the nationals, and perhaps even to the quadrennial International Incessant Political Complaining Olympics!  Disqualification at this stage would be tragic.




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