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*> I see nature as our implacable enemy, to be constantly striven against.*

I agree, nature is trying to kill me.

*> Nature (especially biology, and evolution in particular) is like an
> abusive parent, in my view. *

Yes. If a omnipotent God exists but He chose Evolution as the way to
produce complex things like me and you then He can not be benevolent. So
the Bible Thumpers are right, Christianity and Darwin are not compatible.

> *> our only choice is to master it. The way to do that is to learn as much
> about it as we can, and with**that knowledge, build tools to overcome it.*

Martin Mull summed up my philosophy in 1978, he made it clear that he
didn't want to sit at God's right hand, he didn't even want to be God's
son, he wanted to be God. Start 4 min 20 sec in:

I WANT TO BE GOD <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiH2HbjfzNs>

John K Clark
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