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I know nothing about this, so I am free to put in my two cents worth:

Is the idea just to shut down the hypothalamus?  It reads the blood for
hormones, among other things.  Do you imagine that sims of the various
endocrine glands will be done?  Not everything about the brain is neuronal,
of course.  What you think and what you think about is partly dependent on
the hormones.  bill w

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> On 03/05/2020 19:42, Re Rose wrote:
> IMHO, I think whole-body cryopreservation is far better than
> neuropreservation as I believe the body is a system and you need all of it.
> Thus, I have issues with uploading
> The one doesn't follow from the other, even if it is true (which I don't
> think, but that's a separate argument).
> People tend to think of uploading as just meaning an emulation of a brain.
> In practice, an upload will need an emulation of a body too, so it would be
> better to think of it as emulating the entire organism (and, of course, an
> external environment, too).
> Because emulating an external environment is trivial (we can do that
> already), it doesn't tend to get mentioned much. Because a body is much
> simpler than a brain, that too can be easily emulated - more easily than a
> brain, anyway - so that doesn't tend to get mentioned much, either. We
> focus on brains because that's where the essential action is. No brain, no
> person. But don't forget that's not the only thing we'll want to emulate in
> an upload.
> So, accepting that we'll want to emulate a body as well as a brain, do we
> actually need a real body to record and upload? I doubt it. It follows from
> the fact that a body is simpler, that we will be able to easily create a
> virtual body from existing data about human bodies, so no need to preserve
> an actual body unless you don't want to be uploaded at all, but have your
> biological self reanimated at some point, and even then... Yet another
> separate argument :) .
> I can only think of one possible case where you'd want to upload (and thus
> preserve in the first place) an individual body, and that's the (extremely
> unlikely, imo) case where your unique body is essential to reproducing your
> unique mind.
> We undergo all sorts of changes to our bodies, all the time, and it
> doesn't seem to have much effect on who we are. I can testify to that,
> having had various bits of my body changed and even removed, over my
> lifetime. On the other hand, change or damage or remove even a tiny bit of
> your brain, and you have a different person, or at least a different
> personality. Ergo, the brain is vastly more important than the body to get
> exactly right (and thus, to preserve).
> I'm pretty confident that a generic body model would be quite sufficient
> for the purposes of an upload, especially as you could modify it yourself
> afterward, to your own requirements (just in case you decided that your
> appendectomy scar or missing toe was somehow essential to your
> personality). And even so, it would be easy enough to record any
> differences to 'the standard human body (female)' that you in particular
> might have, keep the data with your neuro corpsicle, and feed them into the
> upload data, instead of going to the extra expense and trouble of
> vitrifying (or chemopreserving) an entire body.
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> Ben Zaiboc
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