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> I can only think of one possible case where you'd want to upload (and thus
> preserve in the first place) an individual body, and that's the (extremely
> unlikely, imo) case where your unique body is essential to reproducing your
> unique mind.
> We undergo all sorts of changes to our bodies, all the time, and it
> doesn't seem to have much effect on who we are. I can testify to that,
> having had various bits of my body changed and even removed, over my
> lifetime. On the other hand, change or damage or remove even a tiny bit of
> your brain, and you have a different person, or at least a different
> personality. Ergo, the brain is vastly more important than the body to get
> exactly right (and thus, to preserve).

I believe the counterargument is the endocrine system's measurable effects
on personality, dominant moods, and several other psychological parts that
are commonly regarded as the self - as the thing that warrants uploading.

I make no comment in this email as to whether that is likely true or not.
I'm just the messenger this time.
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