[ExI] Essential Upload Data

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Mon May 4 11:28:43 UTC 2020

On 04/05/2020 09:33, Adrian Tymes wrote:
> I believe the counterargument is the endocrine system's measurable 
> effects on personality, dominant moods, and several other 
> psychological parts that are commonly regarded as the self - as the 
> thing that warrants uploading.

No argument here, and I suppose I should modify my original statement 
about changes to the body not having much of an effect on our identity. 
Changes to the endocrine system would be significant, and should be 
included in the somatic data that goes along with the brain data. Still 
no need to preserve the entire body just for this, though. A dissection 
and the measuring and recording of a few kilobytes worth of endocrine 
data would be enough (again we'd be storing variations from a standard 
model, or maybe up to, say, a dozen standard models, to account for 
different genders, age ranges, etc. Actually the 'standard models' would 
themselves be just variations on one 'standard human' model. We are all 
built to the same general plan).

And as I said before, many of these things will probably just be the 
initial stages. Later refinements would incorporate them into a more 
compact, more efficient and more controllable form. I keep thinking back 
to Greg Egan's concept of an 'Exoself' that is a kind of nonsentient 
(no, that's the wrong word. Nonsapient is better) computational shell 
around the kernel of the mind, performing the type of functions that our 
brainstems do (and hypothalamus, pituitary, other endocrine components, 
as well as other things that biological creatures don't have, or 
outsource to their technology).

Ben Zaiboc

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