[ExI] Is the USA doing too much to prevent COVID-19?

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> *> The persistent shrieking of bitter contumely as a campaign strategy has
> been demonstrated repeatedly on this forum (plenty of us have come to
> suspect it is all an elaborate false-flag attack (designed to promote the
> fortunes of the current POTUS*

It's odd. When Obama was POTUS I never saw anyone on this forum torture
themselves with such painful logical contortions to deny the possibility
that criticism of him may have some validity; people routinely raked Obama
over the coals and nobody complained or even batted an eye. What makes it
doubly odd is that whatever his faults may have been Obama was not an
imbecile, a dramatic contrast to the creature in power today, and unlike
the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the idea Obama would
refuse to leave the building if he lost an election never entered my head,
but with Trump that scenario seems more plausible with every passing day.
And so does the possibility that we won't even have an election on November
3, and please don't tell me both those things would be unconstitutional, I
already know that.

John K Clark
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