[ExI] Is the USA doing too much to prevent COVID-19?

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>…The current situation is unique in American history. Most previous presidents were not fascists, and those that were didn't have a large (about 35%) cult following, to them Donald J Trump can simply never do wrong.  John K Clark



John, this points out something that causes plenty of us to suspect your commentary is false-flag support of the current POTUS (whose name escapes me.)  Anyone running for federal level who expresses contempt for a sizeable segment of the population will likely lose.  We saw that in the now-infamous “deplorables” comment, for although it was aimed at only a quarter of the voters, it felt a lot like it was aimed at about half, or perhaps more than half.  That’s really What Happened.  The author of What Happened doesn’t get that, still doesn’t get it.


When politicians identify their political opponents followers and Fascists, hicks, gullible rubes and all that, they disparage and turn away those whose votes are worth more, specifically the ones from less populated states.  That deplorables comment was echoed millions of times, and became a campaign slogan.  Swing states swung, deplorable states became more deplorable, and we see the result.


Granted, you could double down on haranguing the list with the bitter tirades if you wish, but it is having the opposite influence of what face value would suggest.





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