[ExI] Is the USA doing too much to prevent COVID-19?

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>>… Ja, so why worry?


>…If the Constitution was a law of physics I wouldn't worry about somebody violating it. Do you think it is?


Without it, the government has no power at all.  Why does it worry you?



>> if POTUS could possibly by any means seize power, they would have done it a long time ago, starting in the late 1700s.


>…The current situation is unique in American history. Most previous presidents were not fascists, and those that were didn't have a large (about 35%) cult following, to them Donald J Trump can simply never do wrong. 


 John K Clark


Indeed?  Andrew Jackson was fascist and attempted to seize power in the 1830s, via the military.  However… the military is professional, and professional soldiers must be paid.  Outside the constitution POTUS cannot pay them or feed them.  So… that attempt failed.  Note the often-forgotten third amendment.  The purpose of that was to keep the military dependent on congress.


US elections are held at the state level.  If a POTUS were to cancel all elections, they would go on anyway because we still need to elect congress members every two years.  With no election of federal offices, the terms of both POTUS and VPOTUS expires on 20 January 2021.  So… the next in command is whoever is Speaker of the House at that time, and that person is sworn in by the Supreme Court.  Problem solved.


Why do you worry about this John?  Find something real to worry about, for there are plenty of real threats.


For instance… something we have discussed on this list for a long time, energy production.  There is a really interesting video online free called Planet of the Humans.  It has political stuff in there, but plenty of useful information too.  It is about green energy, or renewable energy.  Film maker Michael Moore starts with Elon Musk, and asks the obvious question: where does all the power come from to charge these rigs?


Moore offers it free:





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